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Feb 14, 2019

Allie Jackson (Atheist Republic's CEO) was missing for 6 months. We missed Allie so much. We had a livestream today - which is her birthday - welcoming her back. We weren't prepared for what she had to tell us. We didn't know the real reason why she was away and how bad things had gotten. Allie was harassed, doxed and threatened for her activism, for being gay, for being white, for defending vaccines and for her disagreements with some vegans. She received death threats and rape threats towards her children from vegan extremists. She had a breakdown. But she came back to tell us that she is not going to let them win. After everything she has done for us, we owe her all the love and support we can give. If you know her and appreciate her, I encourage you to let her know how much she was missed.

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