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Jan 19, 2019

What are your views on the claim that Israel is a secular and not a Jewish state?
Halfway through the show, a lot of antisemites take over the live chat and things get intense. We asked the mods not to remove their comments so that they demonstrate how big of a problem antisemitism is.
We talk to Yuval Berger to discuss religion in Israel. Yuval grew up in Israel in a small agricultural community most of my life, which was also close to Israeli Muslim communities. He is troubled by the significant lack of knowledge about Israel and the role of religion in it.

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Secular Forum - An organization monitoring religious content infiltrating state schools in Israel 

Hofesh (Hebrew for "freedom") - A site dedicated to freedom from religion in Israel 

Daat Emet - dedicated to confronting ultra-orthodox Jews with contradictions between scriptures and science 

A satirical monologue criticizing religious politics in Israel (turn on English subs if they don't come up ) 

An episode from the cartoon show "Basecamp 22" making fun of ultra-orthodox compulsion (and gay culture) in Israel (turn on English subtitles) 

A sketch from "Jews are coming" - a sketch show on Israeli TV dedicated to satirizing Jewish religion and history